SPL solves the problem of broadband connectivity

Making it affordable and accessible anywhere.


Stratospheric Platforms Limited was founded in 2014. Deutsche Telekom became a major investor in 2016 to turn the project into reality – to establish communication links via the stratosphere, complementing and extending existing mobile and fixed terrestrial networks through “masts in the sky”.

Since then the company has grown to a team of highly skilled engineers, project managers and experienced leaders in the aerospace, telecoms and hydrogen industries. SPL has established an international supply-chain of notable, highly respected, innovative companies.

Our pioneering technology will deliver fast, reliable 5G, and will allow roll out to take place far quicker than traditional terrestrial solutions.

Key facts

  • Engineered to deliver 4G/5G services directly to standard smartphones and user equipment
  • Our technology is powered by hydrogen – a 100% sustainable, green energy source
  • Platform capable of operating for over a week on station at stratospheric altitudes
  • Platform designed from the outset to be certified for operation in civil airspace

  • Our technology provides uninterrupted, broadband coverage over a wide area (up to 140km diameter footprint)
  • Unique hydrogen technology delivers huge power source 24/7 without the limitations of solar power
  • Capable of deployment anywhere on Earth
  • Our company is proud to be certified to BSI international aerospace quality standards